Innovating, fascilitating and optimizing webstores.

Our commitment

At NetworkChannel, everything we do begins and ends with the customer. Our suppliers contribute to making NetworkChannel Holdings a retail and related services leader by delivering the right products and services on time at competitive prices.


Strong supplier relations have always been integral in NetworkChannel’s history. At NetworkChannel, we are proud that the suppliers we work with mirror the communities we serve.


Welcome to NetworkChannel.

A chain of webstores, providing cutting-edge product and services.

Network Channel was launched in 2005 as a MVO compliant company with the aim of establishing and operating a chain of B2B and B2C web stores, providing cutting-edge products and services.

NetworkChannel is active in innovating, facilitating and optimizing communication; several of our web stores are leading, speech-making and innovative in their branch of industry.


Network Channel sources its products from reputable firms with excellent value for money for consumers. NetworkChannel has set up a strict quality control system from the beginning stage of material purchasing to the whole manufacturing process as packing and warehousing.


Our philosophy is that we, in our professional and private lives, do things that we like to do. That is why NetworkChannel continuously adjusts the systems and processes involved in running its organisation to suit our employees and not the other way around.